cookier starter pack

Ready to start your cookie journey!? I’m so excited to hear it! here is a list of starting supplies (outside of ingredients) to get you going.

Plaque Cookie Cutters l Genie’s Dream Meringue Powder l Joseph Rolling Pin l KitchenAid Mixer l Scale l Cookie Sheets l Americolor Student Kit

So let’s chat about these things:

  • Plaque Cutters: you don’t need to go crazy right from the get-go buying all the cute cookie cutters you see on Instagram. Start with som basic plaques to start your collection because you will come back to them time and time again. Use them to get the feel for it and then start to invest in the good 3D printed cutters from the shops.
  • Genie’s Dream: you can absolutely start with Wilton brand from your local craft store. However, if you are starting to sell them and comparing taste tests – I prefer to kick things off with a more premium meringue powder as I personally think the taste is better.
  • Joseph Rolling Pin: this bad boy will SAVE YOU MONEY! And headaches. Generally, cookiers roll their dough to 3/8″ which is the largest setting this comes with. But play around with what works for you!
  • KitchenAid Mixer: eventually, I definitely recommend upgrading to a Bosch Universal for your dough but get things going with a nice little 5qt KA!
  • Scale: this will make cleanup and precision so much better for baking. Baking is a SCIENCE – no “I’ll just eyeball” here. I highly suggest measuring your ingredients using a scale!
  • Cookie Sheets: I’ve tried so many and these NordicWare ones are my favorite! Use parchment paper to start and we will upgrade you to baking mats later 🙂
  • Americolor Gel Student Kit: same with cutters, don’t go crazy right from the jump. Get yourself a starter kit and a color wheel and you’ll be amazed at what colors you can create!

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