top five presale must-haves

Well, I just finished up Valentine’s Day presales over here and I thought I’d share my five MVPs that always show up for me come the craziness of holiday sales!


Double Sided Tape l Epson Printer l Heat Sealer with Trimmer l Munbyn Thermal Printer l 2″ Circle Labels

So let’s chat about these things:

  • Double-Sided Tape: so here’s the deal – I totally used to be a hot glue girl. I would use it to place my tags exactly where I wanted on bags and top my boxes with bows using a dab of hot glue. HOWEVER, I have become a double-sided tape convert. It works just as well for placing my tags below pre-tied bows on bags (I prefer this to attaching the tag to the bow before putting on the bag because I feel the tag either rips or gets lost with that method). It even works for attaching my bows to boxes! I love using the pre-tied bows and just taking out the tie part on the back for a nice, beautiful, EASY bow!
  • Epson Printer: y’all! I used to be a “send it to the printer” kind of gal but this printer has changed my MIND! The ink is barely below 1/4 of the way used and I’ve had it for at least four holiday presales. I love how quick it is, wireless, can print double-sided. AND, I don’t have the stress of wondering if the printer company will get it all exactly right and save on gas!
  • Heat-Sealer with Trimmer: DO NOT WAIT to get the one with the trimmer! It is such a game changer for heat-sealing all of those cookies that go inside a box. I will say, you have to put a little effort in to remember not to use that trimmer when it comes time for those bags that need those bows 🙂
  • Munbyn Thermal Printer: have you ever run out of cottage food labels right when you need them? The money I wasted on overnight fees for getting labels in time is embarrassing. I am OBSESSED with my thermal printer! Extremely user-friendly with plenty of how-to videos to be found on YouTube. So worth it.
  • 2″ Label Stickers: these are perfect for literally any size bag or box I’ve used thus far! Large enough to fit all of the necessary info I need but still small enough to be covered by cookies.

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