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The first “investment” piece I always recommend a cookier gets is a good projector. It ups your writing game, gives you more confidence, and creates endless opportunities when it comes to design. But this is an investment – no doubt about it. And so, it’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed and need some guidance/referrals from others before making the big decision. I have asked for help from the cookie community so you can buy with confidence!

AAXA Pico l Kodak Luma l AKASO Mini l HDMI iPhone Adaptor / HDMI iPad Adaptor / Mount

So let’s chat about these things:

  • AAXA Pico: often times the first one cookiers try so there is quite the range of reviews on this one! It’ll be your least expensive option coming in at $130 and basically, you’ll get what you pay for. Some people, it’s been a great projector with no issues, but there are plenty of those who will tell you “don’t do it.” This is the projector I personally use and I can attest that they can be finnicky. The biggest complaint tends to be that they run out of battery very quickly. I have mine plugged in anytime it’s not in use and if using for a long stretch, I will use it in a way I can keep it plugged in. I also have a back-up just for my own sanity 🙂
  • Kodak Luma: so many shared they upgraded to this lady after their Pico bit the dust – a definite price increase of $220 however, the piece people love the MOST is that it’s wireless! No more messing around with cables to try and get your image to load. There are one or two reviews that the connection here can be finnicky but battery does not seem to be an issue like the above Pico. And if you’re ever having issues with the wireless connection, you can always connect the HDMI cable.
  • AKASO Mini: by far the BEST reviews from those who have this one. Just a bit more than the Kodak coming in at $240. Still has wireless capabilities and great charge. No complaints were shared about this one!
  • HDMI Apple Adaptors: one thing I definitely recommend is that if you have an iPhone or apple product you are connecting your projector to, use the Apple brand HDMI adaptor. I have used non-Apple brand a couple of times and it always gives out just when it’s most crucial – the Apple product ones work seamlessly. Here is the iPhone one and here is the iPad one.
  • Mount: I do highly suggest getting a GOOD mount. There is nothing more frustrating than your projector beginning to sway or dip. This is the one I have and love!

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