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If you’ve been around for a while, you know I am mostly clothed by Costco, Target, and Stitch Fix! What that should tell you is that I also don’t reserve or have much time for running out and shopping so I basically shop where I grocery shop. This is why I LOVE Stitch Fix so much! Because they do the shopping FOR me and I end up with adorable, great quality clothes that are in my specified budget. It keeps my fashionable and on trend while giving me options that others won’t have. Our whole family (including the kids!) have been doing Stitch Fix seasonally (so four times a year) consistently for over a year now and I have STRUCK GOLD in how to get the most out of it at this point. I’ve kept and loved every single box this year – so let’s check out my latest haul and my tips for getting the perfect box every time.

How PERFECT are these adorable “transition to Spring” pieces!? The quality in all of these pieces is amazing but that BLAZER – love how it’s already a 3/4 pushed-up sleeve and the weight is the perfect fall/spring weight. View my full try-on on Instagram at the button above. And guys, this whole box was UNDER $200!!! Ready to try it already? CLICK HERE

Tip 1: Evaluate & Note

When I get a notice that my box is coming, I take a look in my closet (or if it’s the girls’ boxes, theirs) and see what I am lacking. Because we get boxes quarterly, I’m usually evaluating the upcoming season. I could easily take more fall like clothes, but I desperately need spring and summer updates so I wanted to start NOW! I also wanted some more date-night/social outing options. I always make sure to include a note to my stylist with all of my needs.

Tip 2: Pin To Your Board

There is a whole mini fashion Pinterest world within the Stitch Fix app. Be sure to navigate to it at least once before your box is created and pin some things to give your stylist an idea of what you like!

Tip 3: Review Your Box

Before your box is shipped to you, your stylist will have pre-selected items that you can review! You can veto and help guide them to the perfect box for you. Do NOT skip this step y’all!

Some additional things once you receive your box:

Try It On: This may sound like it’s not needed but, TRY EVERYTHING ON! I can’t tell you how many times I look at something and think “meh” and then try it on and am totally wowed. It’s another reason I love this shopping process – so many times they pick things I would never pick out for myself and end up loving!

Evaluation: Before you say “I don’t like anything here” and get ready to ship the whole box back, remember that $20 is already paid towards your stylist fee to create the box and this goes towards anything you buy. So keep at LEAST one thing! Similarly, if there is just one thing you want to send back – make sure to look at if that’s worth it. You get a 25% discount when you keep the entire box which often times pays for at least one of the items!

Freestyle Shopping: Stitch Fix now offers an online one-off purchasing platform. You still need to sign up to be a member, BUT, you don’t have to have a box shipped to purchase singular items. So, if you love something that I got, sign-up and search for the exact name and snag it! Or, if you get a box and LOVE certain items – go see if they have similar things in different prints or lengths and snag them before they’re gone!

Alright friends, that’s my spiel on Stitch Fix! Ready to try? Get $25 off your first order with my link below!

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