five things to write-off on your small business taxes

I filed my Schedule C taxes for my small baking business this past week. This is my fourth year filing taxes for my business and every year I learn about new things that can be written off that I would have never thought of. So, here we are, FIVE years into my business and sharingContinue reading “five things to write-off on your small business taxes”

Spring Has Sprung – Cookie Class!

Guysssss!!! I am SO excited to be launching this Spring Has Sprung cookie class! Y’all have been asking for a floral class from me for over a year now and Spring is the perfect time to make it happen! This class will showcase SEVEN different floral techniques in addition to things like handling modeling chocolate,Continue reading “Spring Has Sprung – Cookie Class!”

projectors for cookiers

The first “investment” piece I always recommend a cookier gets is a good projector. It ups your writing game, gives you more confidence, and creates endless opportunities when it comes to design. But this is an investment – no doubt about it. And so, it’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed and need some guidance/referralsContinue reading “projectors for cookiers”

go-to “big game” football items

Whether you’re watching at home on your own, having a few friends over, or hosting the big get together – you will find something here for sure! Peruse to see my go to games, decor, and FAVORITE dip to make it a festive experience! Commercial Bingo l Out Of This World Corn Dip l OnlineContinue reading “go-to “big game” football items”